Get more for less when you advertise on Hot 806

If you are a business looking to grow your customer base, Hot 806 can deliver more commercials for your investment.  As a local radio company, we know the value of a dollar.  Our overhead is low and we pass those savings on to the customer.

By advertising on Hot 806, you will reach the highly desired 18-49 demographic with approximately a 61% female and 39% male based audience.  Hot 806 covers Amarillo and beyond! We’re not limited by the power of a transmitter.

By focusing your dollars in the Amarillo area and taking advantage of spot rates that are a fraction of other stations, you will get more frequency and better results for your business.

Why Advertise with Hot 806?

We can grow your business by delivering very specific audiences and solutions through a combination of:

  • Targeted Digital, Mobile, Social and Video Advertising
  • Local Celebrity Influencers
  • Popular Events
  • Less talk, more music. We limit our commercials to 3 minutes an hour.
  • Lowest rates to reach the 18-49 demographic
  • Category exclusivity. Your commercial will not run in the same commercial break as a competitor.

Celebrity Endorsement

An endorsement from one of our Personalities on-air carries so much weight because it is like a recommendation from a friend. Over 50% of radio listeners say they trust brands, products and services that a personality talks about.


Create an advertising campaign with reach and frequency by combining on-air and digital solutions. Pairing on air spots with digital ads significantly increases consumer recall and traffic to your website.

Targeted Mobile Solutions

Reach your target audience no matter where they are using our premium mobile solutions. Our Geo-fencing tactics reach people based on their precise locations.